Hitech Industries has in place a comprehensive research & development roadmap to attain leading edge capabilities by defining its long term goals. The research wing of Hitech is highly customer-driven. Scientists and professionals from diversified disciplines work in Hitech’s research labs to improve the existing products and to develop innovative ideas. The objective of the R&D wing is to develop new chemicals & resins and innovative use of synthetic resins to meet the specialized needs of customers, the world over. Global industry trends, customer demands, environmental needs are all blended into the Company’s comprehensive R&D program, monitored by highly qualified staff and driven by the most modern equipment and processes.

World-Class Products

Evolving trends in the chemical industry calls for continued enhancement in durability, adhesion, greater ease of application and reduced environmental impact; resins play a vital role in improving all these characteristics. Hitech Industries meet these discerning needs with constant improvements and innovations in coating formulations and the latest in solvent technologies.

The production process control system in our facilities sets the world standard for manufacturing resins of exacting standards, batch after batch. Their broad spectrum of formulations provides a wide range of process variables and end-use properties. Our commitment to R&D and qualitative research is accentuated by the strong and positive inputs from our collaborators.